PathToExcel PBL

We use the PathToExcel Project Based Learning, inspired by the Buck Institute of Education's PBL methodologies and processes, to teach a Common Core State Standards based curriculum.
  • Common Core State Standards are the "what" and Project Based Learning is the "How". Reference Link
  • Our curriculum is aligned with Common Core. Reference Link 
  • The role of PBL in making the shift to Common Core. Reference Link
  • Projects are the Main Course, not the Desert.
  • Smarter Balanced: Assessment Items and Performance Tasks. Reference Link
  • Involving Students and Audience in Project Assessment. Assessment helps point out what a student knows or can do, while evaluation assigns a value to that ability or knowledge. Ideally, as PBL teachers, we help students learn to self-assess rather than self-evaluate - to be able to identify what they know and can do, while setting goals for growth.