Afterschool Academy


We have changed our name to allstars united. please use our new website:

please check the kindergarten academy tab above for Our BEFORE-SCHOOL and early-afterschool programs for KINDERGARTNERS.
  • Licensed After-School Programs on-site at elementary schools
    • After-school sites are in the following Evergreen schools:
    • The After-school program fees are eligible for flexible spending plans (FSA).
    • We will provide transportation from the following schools at no additional cost:
      • Carolyn Clark Elementary School
      • JF Smith Elementary School
      • Silver Oak Elementary School
      • Norwood Creek Elementary School
      • Laurelwood Elementary School
    • Because we are in public school sites we have access to large sports fields and large play areas
  • Daily dedicated time and support to complete homework
    • Homework checking and assistance with qualified tutors and teachers
    • We have a staff to student ratio of 1:14
    • Our staff helps students complete their homework and checks to ensure it is completed successfully
  • Core academic subject enrichment Classes: Our teachers use online tools that help parents monitor the student's progress. We have iPADs or laptop computers that students can use in the academy for accessing these online tools.
  • Students have access to Evergreen United soccer and basketball programs at no additional cost during the afterschool. These programs are taught by sports coaches and are held for about an hour between 3PM and 5PM, 4 days a week.
  • After-school snack provided
  • Open from after school to 6:30PM on all week days. Open from 8AM to 6:30PM on Teacher In-Session Days and Conference Days.
  • KG through 8th Grade
  • Cost: $375 per month
  • One time Application Processing Fee (Registration Fee): $75

Our After-School programs are one of the most high-tech after-school programs in the world, with a computer-based Project Based Learning environment integrated into the after-school curriculum.

If you have questions, please contact us at, (408) 384-8247.

Additional Enrichment Programs

We offer additional optional enrichment programs at our After-school sites:
  • Speech & Debate
  • Computer Programming

PathToExcel®© College Youth Advisers for Middle School and High School Students

Preparing your child to enter a university starts at an early age. A well thought out plan where skills in core areas are built out gradually will make the process easier for the child. The plan has to take into consideration the complex environment in High Schools and the College Application Process. See our PathToExcel College Youth Advisers page for more details.