Our College Youth Advisers

Preparing your child to enter a university starts at an early age. A well thought out plan where skills in core areas are built out gradually will make the process easier for the child. The plan has to take into consideration the complex environment in High Schools and the College Application Process.

With the newly implemented budget cuts, getting essential information about colleges from counselors has become more difficult than ever. In fact, many schools have less than a handful of counselors that must tend to the entire student body. Combined with an already-complicated college application process, it is very difficult for students to get the information they needed to succeed.

Students and their parents are advised by high achieving college students from universities like Stanford and UCLA to make sure the students gain the skills and experience necessary to be on a Path To Excel® that enables successful SATs and college applications. Our College Youth Advisers will meet with groups of parents, and in special cases with individual parents, in online Webinars and in In-person Sessions. Please contact info@evergreenunited.org to get the current schedule of parent meetings or to schedule a parent meeting.

It's really important to get a head start in planning and understanding what college admissions staff members look for in a student. More often than not, schools will not provide parents and students with sufficient information, and consequently, they are left to fend for themselves. All one needs is some guidance, and a lot can happen from there.

Ankit Patel, our first College Youth Adviser, says this about "The High Schooler's Guide to Academic Success" presentation that he has put together, "Geared towards each student’s specific age, grade level, interests, strengths, and weaknesses, these presentations have a strong synergistic effect on families: parents gain a better understanding of the modern education system, while aspiring college students find inspiration in the many personal anecdotes I share with them. In result, parents and their children get on the same page about the importance of college."

Our College Youth Advisers focus on the following:
  • Walk you through each aspect of your child's future career in high school, explaining how the high school curriculum works. They can create an outline specific to your child's needs.
  • What your child will need to do in middle school and high school in order to stand out when applying for college.
  • Topics covered include: the SAT, the AP curriculum, clubs, sports, college application processes, key admissions statistics
    • They will show examples of all of these via some of their own credentials
  • Share some of their personal experiences with the university application process, and reveal some of their secrets to success in high school



Ankit is currently studying Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology and Political Science at UCLA. He graduated from Santa Teresa High School in 2010 and was valedictorian (ranked 1 out of 536) with a 4.42 weighted GPA. He was granted admission to the following universities: UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, UC San Deigo, UC Davis, UC Irvine, Santa Clara University.

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Hao is currently a student at Santa Clara University studying Biology with emphasis on molecular. He is also the cultural show director and vice-president of the SCU Vietnamese Student Association. He graduated Summa cum laude from Santa Teresa High School in 2010. During his high school career, he was president of the model United Nations club and hosted the 29th annual Santa Clara Valley model Untied Nations Conference. He was a Key Club California-Nevada-Hawaii district distinguished Vice-President. He was Vice-President of the Santa Teresa chapter of the California Scholarship Federation. He was co-founder and vice-president of the Vietnamese Student Association in 2008. 

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