Ankit Patel


Ankit is currently studying Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology and Political Science at UCLA. He graduated from Santa Teresa High School in 2010 and was valedictorian (ranked 1 out of 536) with a 4.42 weighted GPA. He was granted admission to the following universities: UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, UC San Deigo, UC Davis, UC Irvine, Santa Clara University.

With the newly implemented budget cuts, getting essential information about colleges from counselors has become more difficult than ever. In fact, many schools have less than a handful of counselors that must tend to the entire student body (roughly 2000 students in many high schools). Combined with an already-complicated college application process, it struck me that students and parents may be finding it difficult to get the information that they needed to succeed. Such a dilemma inspired me to begin providing families in the Evergreen Area with a presentation: The High Schooler’s Guide to Academic Success. Geared towards each student’s specific age, grade level, interests, strengths, and weaknesses, these presentations have a strong synergistic effect on families: parents gain a better understanding of the modern education system, while aspiring college students find inspiration in the many personal anecdotes I share with them. In result, parents and their children get on the same page about the importance of college. Having spoken to many families in the Evergreen Area, I am determined to extend such a resource to many more students, providing them with invaluable information about both academic and non-academic opportunities in high school to win the game - the game of college admissions.

In Path to Excel, a unique program offered by the Evergreen United Education Foundation, we hope to provide parents and their kids with easily accessible and academically sound advice via Webinars, or online seminars. Here we will be discussing the following topics:
  • SAT/ACT: The basic layout, scoring scheme, and preparation methods of nationally standardized tests. 
  • SAT II: Preparation methods for standardized subject tests. 
  • The AP Curriculum: What AP exams encompass, how they benefit you, and the different ways to prepare for them. 
  • ELC (Eligibility in the Local Context): How your child can be guaranteed admission into 3 UC schools before even applying. 
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Types of clubs offered at school, which ones look most impressive on applications, and which ones have the greatest benefit academically. 
    • Model United Nations: Learning how the United Nations operates as a means of expanding knowledge on modern political issues and enhancing public communication skills. 
  • Sports: How Varsity Sports can benefit your child. 
  • FAFSA (Financial Aid): How to apply for governmental financial aid to earn scholarship money. 
  • UC Application: A step-by-step overview of the UC Application, its essays, etc. 
  • CommonApp: A step-by-step overview of the application used to apply to private institutions. 
  • My personal experiences in the academic realm, in addition to personal advice for specific students.