How you qualify for GATE-U

GATE-U: How to qualify

  1. Must live or go to school in the Evergreen area of San Jose.
  2. Student must be in 2nd-8th grade.
  3. Student must submit qualifying test scores to:
    • Email address:
    • Ph: 408-406-3728
    • Mailing address: EUEF, 2660 John Montgomery Drive, Suite 27, San Jose, CA 95148
  4. NOTES
    • You only need to qualify once, with any one of the tests above.
    • EUEF does not give a separate test for admission. You qualify using the tests listed below.
    • The GATE-U program has no affiliation with Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs offered by schools.

STAR test results/Common Core test results/School administered standardized tests

Standardized test scores submitted must be no more than 3 years old.

IQ Test

A high percentile on overall IQ or any major sub-category. The most common test given is the “WISC IV” for children. This test is not given by the schools, but would be done through private testing. Information about local Licensed Educational Psychologists who can administer this type of test can be found here.

Other Tests

EUEF also accepts over 100 other tests used to measure intellectual ability. Any intelligence or achievement test that appears on the Johns Hopkins CTY Acceptable Tests and Subtests list can be used. We will accept your child’s highest score on any of these tests even if that score was achieved prior to this year.